Thursday, 3 January 2013

Organizer/Pouch for the Ladder Bed

See, my middle-one wished for a 'grown-up' stereo for Christmas. And seeing as he had no other big wishes, hubbie and I decided he would get a nice, easy to use one as his big Christmas present.

A remote control was included in the package, much to the delight of our son. But then he was quite concerned as he had no place to put the remote control after having gone to bed, without needing to climb back out of bed. So the question popped up: "Mum, can you make me something?"

As he also has a small torch for when he has to get out at night and is also discovering the joys of reading for himself, I decided to try for a basic organizer that can be attached to the side of the ladder bed and has room for all.

I may need to shorten the straps of the organizer a bit, but will wait and see  how it proves to be in 'nightly' use before I do so.

The middle-one picked the fabric, I backed it (and filled the pocket) with mollitan to give it a bit more stability. It was also the first time that I attached poppers with the clamp I have here at home and must admit, it needs a bit of practice ;-)


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