Monday, 13 August 2012

The Latest Creations á la Nessie

Despite the current impression I may be making by hardly updating my blog, I am actually doing something ;-)

The first thing I decided to try out was a so-called apron dress for my godchild. I hope it fits, it's a german child size 80 and has been sewn so it's a 2-way dress (is the material familiar to you?) :

This was the first item for which I bought a sewing pattern: Schürzenkleidchen. I found the pattern very easy to understand. The only fiddily part was to include the seam allowance for the two pieces of fabric. If you use just one fabric piece and rim the edges, you only need to include the seam allowance for the straps, however, if you would like to the sew the 2-way version, you need to plan in the seam all around. If you have sewn a few of these, I would guess that this is a very nice 'short time filler', as the basic idea is not very complicated.

The next project was the bedclothing for the pram in which our third child shall soon be travelling in. I am a fan of pillowed covering for prams and newborns. The baby will only be sleeping in a sleeping bag at home, but when going for long walks during the autumn and winter, I am a pillow fan. It's warm enough and it creates this cute buldge just over the top of the pram's rim (sooo cute!).

As we are still expecting a 'surprise', we needed some bedclothing that is quite gender-neutral (so similar to the draperies for the baby bed). As the pram is of olive-green colour, I opted for a light-gray cotton-stretch fabric, with an elastic black-white checked frilled finishing for the front side, just to set a small highlight. Matching the pillow case, a two-layered 'dribble cloth' (our second child really made use of these things, so I thought I would make some this time, just in case ;-))