Monday, 23 July 2012


... finally, finally: the baby bed is finished! Well, the draperies at least ;-)

This has been the reason that I have not had that much to post during the last weeks. The material had been lying around, waiting for me to take up the challenge at last. I was a bit reluctant to start, as  my darling husband fell in love with the beetle material and so I needed to also use some material that would keep out the light to some extent - especially for the canopy. And all this without a pattern *eek*

Well anyway, after having finished the top trim of the canopy, everything else seemed to work fine. A few hiccoughs with the tunneling for the top bar (4 layers of material and only one tunnel will work after sewing it the way I did *rolleyes*). I did this during the evenings after work and when the kids were in bed, which meant that progress was slow.

Not so with the so-called 'nest' (the padded lining in the bassinet). I sat down to at least start yesterday. My husband bought me a cutting mat and a rolling knife for cutting material last weekend, so I thought, seeing as the kids are on vacation with their grandparents, I would just iron and cut the pieces of material needed for the nest.

Well, when that was finished, I thought it would be good to just sew the fabric together. Then the first disagreement with the sewn piece, however, I know know how to sew a huge two-lined fabric loop now - never again will I make those mistakes that I did yesterday.....

With the help of the almost Dad-of-three the padding was pulled through, the loop closed, two holes for the sticks belonging to the canopy and violá: