Friday, 14 December 2012

Hair Bobble/Clips Organizer

Whilst browsing through various online Forums for some inspiration during the last few weeks, I kept seeing wonderful hair bobble/clips organizers sewn by a lot of ladies. We have at least 5 girls with hair clip chaos at home and the idea of making each one an organizer did not leave my mind at all.

Now, due to Little Miss Madam that takes up the most of my time during the day, I didn't find the time when I was motivated enough and didn't find the motivation when some time slot did pop up, to design my own organizer. So I asked in a forum for some ideas or where you can find some sewing pattern. The answers were very helpful and the examples they showed all very beautiful and individual. In the end, I opted for a freebook, made available by aprilkind (in german). Again, I was very lucky: great pattern, instructions really well written and comprehensible.

So I spent yet another hour in our local fabric store, trying to pick out patterns and discussing the possibilities with one of the owners of the store. She advised to be bold and mix patterns and colours, but as these are meant for quite particular little ladies, I was not brave enough and tried to keep it a bit toned down.

One of the ladies is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and my son has been invited. Next to the 'main' birthday present we bought already, I finally tool heart and printed out the sewing pattern and got to work. Here is the result of my very first hair bobble/clip organizer:

Clips can be clipped onto the froggy band, bobbles tucked into the pockets at the bottom.

I am still not that sure with the pattern mix, though my husband let a 'Awww, that's sweet...' drop when he saw it. Maybe I should really just go ahead with the advice of the store owner the next time I pick out some things - which will be when I finally use up my rations here at home beforehand ;-)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Xmas Pressies & Prototyping

My mother and sister are quite surprised about me and my sewing machine this year. Especially since I am not a huge creative talent (give me instructions and I may produce something recognisable...). So when making the list of presents for the extended family this Christmas, I thought they would maybe like something I made especially for them. As both are out and about, come whatever type of weather, I decided to try my best with a loop scarf (okay, it seemed pretty easy as well). This was my first try with stretchy fabric as well.

I tried to get colours that a) suit them well and b) they also like wearing. I hope they will like them!! The sewing instructions are from Elbekind in german and I found them quite easy to understand.

My next prototype was the knotted hat for babies. It seemed pretty simple and the second one I made was easy and even fits (the first one was a tad too small). The instructions were a freebie from klimperklein, also very easy to understand and in german.

Now I am back at the machine. I hope I will find something else to try out!!

Another No-Sew Poncho

After one of my friends had seen the babywearing poncho I created last month, she asked if I could also make her one. Our Little Miss Madam had a longer morning snooze today, so I seized the opportunity to snip and snip at the fleece and out came this:

I hope she likes it. As it is, it's turned out a little bit nicer than the first one I made. The front has been left as it is, I would like to ask what she would like as an application first (if she wants anything at all, that is ;-))