Friday, 7 December 2012

Xmas Pressies & Prototyping

My mother and sister are quite surprised about me and my sewing machine this year. Especially since I am not a huge creative talent (give me instructions and I may produce something recognisable...). So when making the list of presents for the extended family this Christmas, I thought they would maybe like something I made especially for them. As both are out and about, come whatever type of weather, I decided to try my best with a loop scarf (okay, it seemed pretty easy as well). This was my first try with stretchy fabric as well.

I tried to get colours that a) suit them well and b) they also like wearing. I hope they will like them!! The sewing instructions are from Elbekind in german and I found them quite easy to understand.

My next prototype was the knotted hat for babies. It seemed pretty simple and the second one I made was easy and even fits (the first one was a tad too small). The instructions were a freebie from klimperklein, also very easy to understand and in german.

Now I am back at the machine. I hope I will find something else to try out!!


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