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Although I have sewn a lot of stuff last year that was on the 'To-Sew' list, still many have been left over. Sewing distractions (by the means of new sewing patterns, tutorials, freebies) have put me off focus a few times. Not to mention the daily business of kids, marriage, household and being an employee ;o)

Nevertheless, I have decided to maintain two lists now. One for the current year and one 'Master List'. The Master List will be a collection of stuff I would definitely love to try out but do not have a clue upon when. The current year's wish list will be, as you can probably imagine, for the current year ;o)



To-Sew Wishlist for 2014

Tutorials & Patterns

  • Origami Bag
  • Mug Rug (for work) (Another one should be made as well)
  • Sleeping Bag for Little Miss Madams Doll
  • Changing Bag for Die Kleine Dame's Doll
  • Xater Trousers for the boys
  • 1st Aid bag for Mr. KnowItAllBetter
  • Digital Camera Bag for Mr. KnowItAllBetter
  • Business Card Organizer
  • Shopping Bonus Cards Organizer

Own Design

  • Foot muff for the bike carriage



To-Sew Master List

 For the Kids

  • 'Einschlagdecke'
  • Rainy weekend trousers:
  • The 90-Minute-Shirt:
  • Cushioning for the highchair:
  • Baby Bonnet 

Jeans Recycling

For Me!

  • Easy dress:
  • Shorts
  • Tops

Use up the scraps!

  • Jeans: bean bags
  • Cotton: bean bags
  • Jersey:

1st Aid

  • Music Bag (either repair or recycle to a newer/better one)



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