Thursday, 21 March 2013

Baby Trousers

I have seen a lot of baby trousers presented on the internet in all sorts of colours and designs but the one from Klimperklein is my current favourite! It was way before Little Miss Madam was born that I saw it for the first time and there is something about the simplicity in the style that reallys screams 'Must Have!' for me. Then, sometime back in January (I think it was January) there was a special offer in Klimperklein's Dawanda shop, so I just had to fill the virtual shopping basket then. Thank goodness I gave myself a shopping limit. If I hadn't, I would have most likely bought all of the sewing patterns/instructions she has available. I just love her designs: no fuss but soooo cute!

I was really happy to find out that her instructions are also really great for 'intermediate beginners' like me. They begin with a general overview and brief instructions for people who know what they are doing - great for those that are just itching to start. Following this there are very detailed descriptions about each working step along with photographs to support the descriptive text. Very handy for people like me!

Although the patterns were all printed out immediately after receiving the ebooks, I did not actually dare to cut fabric to size etc. for quite some time after that. But finally (and at last) I gave the pattern 'Babyhose' (Baby Trousers) a go:

They had just come off the line when I took this photo (can you see the marks left there by the clothes pegs?). You can fold the leg cuffs up to half the length with this design, I personally find that much nicer. And the waistline is really great for babies - these trousers do not slip off babies hips! The waistline and leg cuffs are made out of jersey and the actual trousers are fleece - a great pair of winter trousers, just in time for the amazing amounts of snowfall we had here in Germany the last months. They even held her legs warm while I carried her in the wrap when we took Son #2 to school each morning! That's definitely a case of tested and declared brillant!


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