Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pinny-Dress for Little Miss Madams Christening

Little Miss Madam did not fit into the christening suit that her brothers did wear for their christening (the reason being, she was five months old compared to 2 and 4 months old). I do not really like kids going to their own christening (I'm not talking about guests but the actual chhild in question) in jeans and a T-shirt so I was looking for something a bit more feastive. My husband suggested that I should make her something to wear (this was a first, by the way!).

As I am too big a scaredy-cat to try out something new, I opted for a design that I have sewn before and Madam got her second Pinny Dress ('Schürzenkleidchen'). The dress is made out of flower-pattern cotton and rimmed with satin bias tape.This was worn over a white longsleeved T-shirt and some cream leggings - she was totally adorable!


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