Thursday, 21 March 2013

There's Always A First - Crocheted Har

'Muuuummmmm, SoAndSo's mother can crochet and she made him a really cool hat. You never crocheted something for me before....'
'Son, that's because I can't crochet. I can only knit straightdown. I've made you scarves....'
'Youv'e never made me a hat!'

And for an almost-teenager, not ever having crocheted a hat for him makes him feel as though his mother doesn't care for him. Please someone, help me understand the logic of puberty. It was so simple when I was there before.

Okay, I've always wondered whether or not crocheting is difficult, fiddly and downright complicated. Well, I've found out now and find it as meditating as knitting is.

Here is my very first crochet project. Not a star piece, can definitely be improved, but still am I a tiny bit proud:


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