Friday, 25 January 2013

A flower garden ...

A friend of mine also asked me to sew her a carnival costume. She's going to one of these carnival events where only ladies are admitted and asked for a flower garden.

She bought the fabric, I was responsible for the creation. The grass-like fabric is lovely and soft but rotten to sew.

An ultra mini was wished for, no more than 40cm please. And 40 she got ;-) the tunnel for the skirt had to be sewn by hand as the sewing machine choked with the feathery fabric being pulled through but the seams were no problem - apart from being 'slippery' and me having to watch out while sewing.

The flowers were bought separately, I only had to find a way of how to sew them on. The smaller one's were easy, I just had to sew right and left of the flower center. The larger flowers were more difficult: they were heavy and did have a different center, so I had to dismantle they flowers and sew some of the petal circles on instead.

The leg warmers were sewn similarly, only with a smaller width *gg*

I hope she likes the costume!!


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