Monday, 28 January 2013

Costumes & Hats

I finally decided that the flower costume for my niece really did need a hat and the idea of keeping the petal form in the pattern did appeal a lot to me. So I made another paper template for a larger petal (20cm in width) and used the same coloured fleece as I did with the petals for the cloak and cut out three different coloured petals. All three were sewn together close to the edge, nice and tidy in order to be able to flap over the rim if needed. I personally think that you can wear the hat inside out as well, seeing as the seams are neat and tidy: fleece is always great for 'outside seams'.

The finished hat was soooo cute that I promptly decided to make one for Little Miss Madam as well. This time the width of the petals was 16cm.

And another costume was made: a 'bunny' skirt and legwarmers for the daughter of a friend. I am to make an angel costume for her other daughter as well.... I'm a bit scared of that upcoming project, to be quite honest! But here is are the bunny utensils as ordered (ears and tail have been purchased already).
The skirt is a really basic one (rectangle cut to size, tunnel for elastic and then sides sewn together). The legwarmers were sewn in the same way. As with the 'flower garden' fabric, this furry fabric was really rubbish to be sewn with the machine, so the tunnel for the elastic band was also sewn by hand. Tomorrow is fitting time!!


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