Monday, 21 January 2013

Carnival Costume: An Elf from LotR

My eldest almost never ass for me to make him things. This was one of the seldom cases where it did happen.

Carnival in North-Rhine Westfalia is a huge event. I personally think it is great for the kids to get dressed up and all that, however, I still find it strange that the adults are also carnival-mad. But I am getting used to it ;-)

Son #1 always has special wishes with regards to his dressing up. And this year he has decided to go as an elf from LotR. It didn't have to be exactly like Legolas, he assured me, but it should definitely go in this direction.

Our local carnival store (which is really, amazingly enormous!) didn't have such a costume but unfortunately had the ears. So son asked...

As I made son #2 a bird costume last year, I couldn't really say no this time either. This was the first project with 'clothes' that had arms, waistbands, where I made my own paper cuts and puzzeled and designed. All in all it too me one weekend for the basics and another afternoon for the smaller things, here are the results:

 The tunic
 Basic 'elastic' trousers
 This things that archers wear on their lower arms
 The cape, ordered with arms but to be cut so it stays at the back when wearing
 Bag for arrows (son #2 broke the bow, we have to see that we get another one before carnival) and a basic knotted belt

All together from the back
All together from the front-slanted perspective (he's a little poser, isn't he?!)


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