Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Little Flower for Carnival

My sister phoned up to ask for a favour: could I please, please, pretty please make her little one a carnival costume? All the ones you could buy for 1 year olds were not her taste. If possible, something to do with flowers...

I still had some 'girly' coloured fleece left over from the ponchos and also a new green fleece blanket. So I had a go and tried to make a flower costume for my little godchild:

So, it's completely made out of fleece apart from the ribbons, they are chiffon ribbons in light green (that I had left over from the invitation cards for our eldest's 1st Holy Communion).
The basic cape is a circle with a 32cm radius in green, with a circular opening at the top (5cm radius) and a cut from the neck opening downwards (10cm). The ribbons have been sewn to the cut opening first with a medium zig-zag stitch.
6 petals in 3 different colours were sewn firstly to the neck part and secondly on the 'overlap' of two neighbouring petals, about 10cm down in length.

I am thinking whether or not I will manage to make a smaller hat/bonnet to go with the cape as well ... But first of all, my sister has to give the all clear!


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