Friday, 5 April 2013

Off Topic - Aren't I Brave?

As an early birthday present for my blogs, I've now included a photo into my blogger profile *winkwinknudgenudge* But it looks a bit more nicer than just having the standard logo entered in there.

Anyhow, this blog is turning one tomorrow! I still remember how nervous I felt upon writing my first blog entry. Even if I am only writing for myself at the moment, maybe the time will come where I promote the posts a tiny bit more.

I started with the first blog in one of my numerous sleepless nights during the pregnancy with Little Miss Madam. I'm all for writing down your thoughts and bringing certain things down to paper (even if it is only virtual paper). This blog is dedicated to things I do/create in my freetime, even if it is not much that I do and also not that professional. At the end of the first year I have to admit, it's great clicking through the archive and seeing all the work that has been done, regardless of how good or bad it may be. To be honest, I didn't imagine me updating the blog as regularly as I have done and am pretty chuffed for having done so.

 My other blog, opened only recently, however, was opened for me to have a place to gather all the rest of the stuff I would like to write down and doesn't fit to the theme this blog. Why does it have to be a blog and not a simple notepad/diary? Well, because I can reach it from anywhere, anytime - without having to remember to bring the writing stuff along. With smartphones, laptops and WLAN fully integrated into my daily life, there's nothing more pratical for the diary stuff.

So, how am I and this blogging sphere going to continue on? No idea! I am thinking of an optical update (basically changing the design and layout ;-)), maybe I'll also dare to blog a bit in german (even if my grammar is terrible). But here's to another year of blogging - I'm looking forward to it!

My other blog: This Is the Life


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