Saturday, 6 April 2013

Denim Bootees

Hah - this blog is '1'today and I even managed to make something new that can be posted!

Yesterday/today I tried out another one of Klimperklein's sewing patterns (see the first one I tried out) meaning that now I only have two to have a go at. The pattern I tried out was to create some Baby Bootees.

Again the pattern was delivered as an eBook (pdf file) along with detailed instructions (german) and photographs of each step. At first I was a bit petrified, as there were more steps to follow than the baby trouser pattern. But once you start it's great and a whole lotta fun! Her instructions include a whole set of fabric templates for mixed bootee sizes (eg. german size 16/17, 18/19, ...), a list of different materials and utensils that are required as well as useful expertise tips on creating the bootees, here and there, while following the step-by-step instructions. The sewing is a bit fiddly but not an impossibility for a beginner.

The baby bootees can be made out of leather or normal fabric with a lining. Klimperklein recommends using woven fabrics for the outside (cord, denim, ...) and furry fabrics, wool, fleece, etc. for the inner lining. A recommended seam allowance is mentioned but has to be added to the templates by yourself. I spent the most time on this part. The tracing of the different parts doesn't take that long but ensuring that an equal seam allowance is kept for each part does prolong the needed time somewhat. I have never ever been as particular about keeping an even allowance with any other project before, however, seeing that a 'miss' of 1-2mm would change the fit of the bootee completely was motivation enough to do it properly, if I'm going to try it at all.

Luckily enough the sewing of the different pieces was easy if that was done. The pattern involves bending one fabric in a different direction than the other whilst sewing, so if your allowance is identical for everything, you just need to match the edges up, sew on the marking line for the seam that you see. And all the while you know that you are also sewing on the marking line you don't see!

Enough of the background: here are the fabric details ;-)

Outer fabric: Denim (from an old jeans of mine)
Inner lining: purple fleece, will keep her feet warm whilst in the baby wrap during the early spring weeks.
Bias tape in light pink-white checks for the edges.

(They even fit!)


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