Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mobile Cover with 'Lift Function'

In February I made Son #1 a media player lift cover, inspired by the tutorial from Jule (see this post for more info and the link to the tutorial). Husband's birthday is nearing fast and he has wished for a new smartphone, which I bought today. The covers that were on offer for his new phone were, well, not that nice and I decided, along with Son #1, that I should make him a cover instead.

As Husband is not that into skull and bones, I opted for a grey coloured stretch cotton and fleece for the inner lining (this combination worked well for Son #1's cover). This time I also had the overlock available and a good reason to rethread the machine, replacing the coloured threads (see my blog page Tips & Tricks & Other Stuff: Getting Started with the W6 Overlock) with four white ones (I'm getting brave now, aren't I? ;-))

Again I adapted a few things to suit my/husband's need as compared to the instructions in the tutorial from Jule. The 'lift' was attached a third of the way down to the inner front of the cover and not taken into the hem. This made the lift itself long enough to fold over the top of the cover and be attached to the front with a KamSnap, adding a bit of additional precaution against the smartphone accidentally falling out of the cover.

Not that that would be a problem this time. It's a tight fit, so much so that I am a bit unsure of whether or not I tackle the whole thing again. The overlock stitch seems to be a bit more tighter that the normal stitch I use with the sewing machine. Or the stretch cotton is not 'working' as I imagined it to with the fleece as lining. Maybe I will wait until Husband's birthday - then he can try it out and decide for himself.


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