Friday, 1 February 2013

Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!

I've been trying out new recipes quite a lot in the last past weeks. It's fun to do and my family just loves it (I've been lucky - nothing that has been cooked has been deemed as too disgusting to eat ;-) ).

Now there was an almost full packet of shreddies in my cupboard for a few weeks now, and nobody was making the impression that they would be eating this cereal for breakfast (probably the same problem I have with every 'healthy' cereal: there is not enough sugar, no brightly coloured marshmellows, general lack of having more resemblance to sweeties than to an actual breakfast - that coming from a full monty breakfast lover is rich, I know ...)

Nevertheless, these shreddies were just sitting there, waiting for their 'use by' date quietly and patiently in the kitchen cupboard until I decided it's a right shame to throw them away. So I browsed the world wide web, looking for inspiration for another use of shreddies.

Not only did I find inspiration, I found complete recipes! It's amazing how much you can do with different kinds of cereals apart from spooning it to your mouth first thing in the morning. I opted for a sweet recipe, thinking that chances would be, that the kids would also enjoy it. I tried out Shreddies No-Bake Peanut Butter Squares. And they are really, really tasty.

The crust sticks together somewhat, and if you need to spread this out, it's a tough one, especially if you are carrying Little Miss Madam in a baby wrap on your back because she thinks sleeping during the day is something for really poor, hard-done-by babies.... But the result was worth exercises those wrists!

Son #1 had a friend over to play (a german lad, they tend to be a bit fussy with food that they don't know, especially from english speaking countries. Try and give them a spoonful of good ole baked beans to their chips and burgers - the look on their faces is worth scraping it into the bin afterwards!) and even he loved the 'Shreddie Surprise' as it has been named here by the family. A huge bowl was full of these yummy treats. Now, four hours after the 'free for all' declaration, there are only 8(!) pieces left.

The kids have decided that they love this cereal now ...


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