Saturday, 2 February 2013

Some more creations

I actually thought, I would not have time to sew today but I had one smaller project that looked like a 'can squeeze in' and I did promise Son #2 to make his old rag doll a few new clothes. So guess how I spent Little Miss Madam's sleeping times and daddy-attention-slots ;-)

The 'squeeze-in' was only such, as I had the stuff to do it already prepared beforehand. I followed a tutorial from Melinella for a sorting roll for bands and ribbons (scroll to 'Webband Sortierrolle'). The one shown in the tutorial is much more prettier, but hey, I am a beginner! Here's mine:

And then the rag doll. Here is Bluey, in his new clothes. He used to wear a romper, but Son #2 thinks that it way too baby-ish and Bluey was in the need for some cooler stuff. Son #2 opted for a fleece button-up shirt, where the buttons should be KamSnaps in alternating colours (wow, what a vision, especially since we are only talking about 3(!)) and a pair of jeans (yeah! Some scraps less *hooray*)

So, son is happy and I have made one more new experience and have decided, that I do not really like sewing doll clothes: they are soooo tiny and fiddly and have totally strange measurements.  The jeans that the doll has on now are the second pair of today. The first did not get past the 'hips' as the buttock region seems to be a bit exaggerated here than would be normal for a human being.... But all in all, I find it quite alright for a  new doll's outfit ;-)


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