Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sooo excited!!

I am really excited now: for months, no years, I have been skulking around all online offers regarding this overlock machine. I saved birthday and christmas money up and then did spend it on the kids instead (as I always do) and started saving it up again until this afternoon.

This afternoon I spotted an offer that I could not ignore. I 'hmmm'-ed and 'awwwww'-ed at my monitor for at least half an hour, trying to decide whether or not I should really spend the saved cash for this machine... Maybe I will hate to sew in a few months time, maybe I should keep the Euros safe for hard times, maybe ... Well, I guess you all know these thinking deadlocks and have had them sometime or the other yourselves.

My darling husband took this decision finally into his own hands saying: "If you don't order it, I will and will give it to you for your birthday - in May!", knowing this would be torture for me to know that the machine is in our house, just sitting there for the next 3 and a bit months, collecting dust with no one to break it in (what cruelty!).

So I ordered it. And a batch of overlock cotton to go with it as well. And on Saturday it will be here!!!

I do wonder, though, whether or not I will dare to try it out when it arrives ;-)

I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day, I sure did!


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