Saturday, 2 February 2013

Oven Delights

... or better say, lovely chocolate chip cookies, a tiny bit crunchy but lovely and soft in the inside.

This is a recipe I tried out for the first time two weeks ago. I needed to make another batch 2 days later, as my darling hubbie was complaining that the kids had much more cookies than he had the chance to eat *gg* Last week I baked some other coconut biscuits, however, the boys started moaning that they have not eaten cookies in AGES.

So I took to the oven again, seeing as the shreddie surprises were unsurprisingly non-existent by this morning. And, the same as the last few times, I could hardly bake the cookies as fast as they were being devoured by my seemingly practically starving offspring and their friends. Darling husband decided it was time for some extra precautions after the 2nd baking tray was diminished rapidly and has hidden the rest to nibble on tomorrow.


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