Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Lambs

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and, according to various traditional things here in Germany, you should actually go an visit your parents, siblings, etc.

My mother- and sister-in-law are also celebrating their birthdays tomorrow but both stated that they do not want presents. My parents have invited us for dinner (hmm, lovely roast!!). So I decided to follow another german tradition and bake some Easter Lambs to take with us, along with bunches of flowers, as small pressies instead.

After succeeding in the last-minute Easter shopping chaos in the town's largest supermarket, I started to prepare the mixture for the Easter Lambs. The sponge is not as light as a typical british sponge, but it is certainly going in that direction. Very easy to make and very tasty!! Instead of ground hazelnuts (which is quite common for the Easter Lambs here) I used lemon zest in order to give the sponge a nice lemony flavour.

I only have one mould for the lamb, which I bought years ago, only to never ever use again, as all baked lambs were headless after taking out... Browsing the internet this year helped me though. Apparently it really helps with not only greasing the mould very, very well (which I did all the times before) but also with then covering the inside of the greased mould with very fine bread crumbs. Believe it or not, this actually worked! So I greased and crumbed in the mould three times in total to bake three ladies an Easter Lamb each.

After they had cooled down they need to be covered with powder sugar. Lately it is also quite 'in' to cover the lambs in chocolate or coconut flakes instead but traditionally it's really only powder sugar let loose on the lamb. As you cannot really wrap them up in gift paper, I placed each on a paper bakery tray with green paper grass (normally used for the german Easter nests) around the lambs.  Each lamb then got a light green ribbon around it's neck and the whole thing was then wrapped in cellophane and topped with a ribbon.

I hope our families enjoy the Easter Lambs. I am certainly happy that they worked out well!!


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