Monday, 9 April 2012

An Afternoon Spent Sewing

I had bought some cotton fabric a few weeks back, planning on making a cover for my youngest's medical check-up book. As I am no expert with the sewing machine, I bought more than enough cloth, just to make sure that I had enough 'chances' to get something that went right.

This afternoon the boys and my husband decided that they would build a Lego city, so I thought it would be good to give the book cover a try.

To all our surprise, the first try worked straight away. As of now, the check up book has a nicer cover than it did before:

Now I had a lot of cotton fabric left over. And quite nice ones to say as well: small blue and white checks and the other one with cute trucks on a white background. My darling hubby then mentioned - in front of the kid - that the cooking apron we have for our 6 year old no longer fits, I could try and make him a new one. My youngest thought the idea was great, so I told him that I would do my best.

The next few hours were spent with ironing the cloth, cutting out the different pieces of the apron, ironing them again, threading and rethreading the needle of the sewing machine, tiding up stitches, ... etc. Pretty soon I decided that I would give the thing a real try and sew him a reversible cooking apron with a double pocket on the front. The different sides of the apron are in 'negative'. Finally the last stitch was made shortly before my son's bedtime. It fit's great. The loop for the head is a bit large, but smaller and he would have not got his head through properly. A small knotted loop at the back of neck fixes that though. The rest seems to be fine. My son is really happy and my husband and I are positively surprised that the apron has no reason to hide ;-)


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